When you have a blockage in your drains, it can be hard to know where you need to dig if you want to try to remove the blockage on your own. Instead of wasting time by digging up multiple areas of your piping, consider renting a sewer camera that you can use to determine exactly where the blockage is. This will save you time, effort, and frustration in the long run. The following guide walks you through a few things to look for when renting a sewer camera.

Look for a Camera with a Rolling Cart

The reel of hose that you need to haul around when using the sewer camera can be heavy. Try to rent a camera that has the reel on a cart that can be easily rolled around the yard. This will allow you to set up and start using the camera as soon as possible.

Look for a Self-Leveling Camera

If you want to be able to get as accurate of a picture as you possibly can, the camera will need to be level. Trying to keep the camera level as you push it down the pipe can be very difficult. Look for a self-leveling camera so that it takes care of the hard work for you. The camera self-adjusts so that you have a perfect picture every time.

Look for a Camera with a Video Out Connection

A camera that has a video out connection will allow you to record what you see on the camera so that you can refer to it again at a later time. This can be a great feature to have if you are enlisting the help of someone who is not present when you put the camera into the pipe. This allows them to be able to see the same thing that you saw and cuts down on the amount of time you need to rent the camera because you will only need to send it into the pipe one time.

Look for a High-Quality Monitor

If you rent a sewer camera, you need to be sure that the monitor is a high enough quality that you an actually see the blockage when you look at the monitor. There are some monitors that have a tint over the screen so that you can see what is being shown on the screen with ease even in the brightest of sunshine.

It is best to rent the camera and return it as soon as you can. You will be charged for every hour that you have the camera and getting it back as quickly as possible is important.