In an ideal situation, you would allow a professional to install your satellite dish equipment. However, many homeowners are attempting to do it themselves. Installing the equipment takes time and effort and a mistake could set you back. If you are planning to install your equipment, here is what you need to know.

How Important Is the Satellite's Position?

You have likely seen some satellite dishes that seemed to be pointed in the wrong direction or installed in odd places. There is a good reason for both the placement and the direction in which it is pointed.

A satellite dish needs a clear line of sight to a signal tower. If the view is obstructed, you could have problems with the reception. You might notice fuzzy channels, poor audio quality, and channels that seem to overlap.

The satellite dish also needs to have the correct horizontal and vertical alignment. The horizontal alignment is the position of the tower emitting the signal. The vertical alignment is the elevation angle of the dish.

Your satellite's menu is equipped with a signal finder that is built into the receiver. You can use it to guide your positioning of the satellite. However, an independent signal finder can also be useful. Review the directions to learn how to use it.

How Do You Know If It Is Not Correctly Positioned?

When your satellite dish is not properly aligned, there are several signs you can look for. For instance, if there is no picture on any television set or you are missing channels, there is an alignment issue. Even your remote could be affected by the poor alignment.

Before you attempt to adjust the alignment, start by checking for obstructions. If there are any trees or buildings in the way, chances are, they are causing your problems. You will need to move the dish. If the trees are at fault, you might be able to trim the tree to resolve the problem.

You should also reset the receiver before making any dish changes. Depending on the model of your receiver, you can likely reset it simply by pressing and holding the "power" button until the receiver turns off.

Due to the importance of the satellite dish's alignment, consider having it professionally installed. The installation will guarantee that the dish is placed and pointed in the correct direction. You can also be sure the receiver is set to the optimal settings.

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