Has your child been begging for an iPhone ever since he or she first received a starter phone? Your child more than likely had to show some form of responsibility before you even trusted them with an inexpensive flip phone. Perhaps you have seen real maturity in your son or daughter, maybe evident in excellent school work and great behavior at home. If so, you might feel that buying a more expensive phone, an iPhone, is something that would not only bring your child happiness, but make you and your spouse happy to demonstrate your appreciation for your child following rules, showing gratitude, and--in a nutshell--just for being a great kid.

​The Presentation - Will the gift of a new iPhone be a surprise--maybe a birthday gift or an end-of-the-school year gift? If not, consider taking your child with you to look at different iPhones. He or she probably has an idea of how much iPhones cost but might not know exactly what they cost. Having that knowledge might inspire your child to take extra good care of the iPhone once it is in his or her possession. Think about not even leaving the store without a case that will protect the iPhone. You've probably dropped yours more than once, right? If so, you more than likely "thanked your lucky stars" that you had spent a bit of extra money and purchased the case for your iPhone.

iPhone Repair - Besides purchasing the iPhone and the protective cover for the phone, consider buying the insurance that will more than likely be offered to you. No matter how fabulous the phone is, there may come a time when it will need repairing. Even if the protective case has kept the glass intact, dropping the phone on a very hard surface might mess with the inside mechanism of the phone. While you will be paying a bit more for the repair insurance, the time might come when you realize that your purchase of the insurance is some of the best money you've ever spent.

Consider, too, having your child pay for at least part of his or her iPhone and for the insurance cost. If you don't purchase the insurance, there will still be professionals who can do everything from repairing the glass on your child's iPhone to making internal repairs. Look for a local iPhone repair shop and they will be able to help you in no time.