You know law. You know business. Do you know marketing? Marketing is a completely different field from business. Taking enough business electives in college helped you open your own law firm, but those courses are not going to help you market it. For that, you need to hire a law firm marketing company, or you need to know the following.

Who, How, and Where of Commercial Creation

TV still remains the number one form of advertising. Every house that has a TV has somebody watching it sometime.  Millions of people watch TV everyday. If you are going to market your firm, you have to spend money on creating commercials. To create commercials, you need to know who to contact, how the commercial-making business works, and where to go to make your commercials. If you do not have a whole lot of time to do all that, the law firm marketing company already has most of the work completed for you.

Creating Relatable Messages

Marketing is all about relating to your market audience and persuading them to hire you. What is your particular branch of law? What do you know and understand to be the issues that face your target audience?  How much empathy can you summon for them? All of these factors play a part in creating relatable messages in print, flyer, mailer, TV commercials, etc., if you are going to drum up business.

Getting into the Public Eye

Getting into the public eye is more than just advertising. It is getting involved. Charity auctions, community supports, contributing to benefits, sponsoring sports; these are all ways to put your name, and the name of your firm, out there. People hear what good you do for the community, and they remember it when they need to hire a lawyer with your particular education, background, and training. Even when you are first starting out, give enough time or whatever money you can spare because "good PR" is one of the best marketing strategies.

Creating an Online Presence

Finally, you must have an online presence. It cannot simply be a website with your firm's location, law practices, and contact information. Get LINKED. That means you are on every social media site you can possibly put yourself and your firm on. If you can afford it, hire an assistant that manages just the social media stuff for your firm. It is, after all, another full-time job.