Package theft has been a growing problem over the past several years, alongside the growth of online shopping. This year, because of the pandemic, online shopping is expected to rise dramatically, creating many more opportunities for these thieves. One way you can be proactive in preventing these thieves from spoiling your holiday is through the use of security cameras and other deterrents. Here are some tips and best practices to reduce your chances of becoming a porch pirate victim.

The Problem of Porch Piracy

According to a report from C+R Research, between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, the U.S. Postal Service expects to deliver more than 800 million packages. Unfortunately, an estimated 36% of Americans say they have had a delivered package stolen from their porch or yard.

In the past, porch piracy was a crime of opportunity. A person passing by would see an inviting package sitting on a porch and take advantage of the opportunity. As home deliveries have grown since Amazon entered the home shopping market, these pirates are finding it more and more lucrative and have developed targeting strategies. Many actually follow delivery trucks from UPS, FedEx, or other delivery companies so they can grab a package before the homeowner is even aware they have a delivery.

Steps to Protect your Porch Deliveries

With porch package theft on the rise, homeowners and online shoppers need to be proactive in thwarting these thieves' efforts. Here are a few tips for keeping your holiday parcels safe.

  • Ask your package carrier to require a signature. Although it's inconvenient, especially if you work outside the home, it will prevent your package from sitting outside unattended. You may be able to get a reasonably short delivery window, so you don't have to stay home all day.
  • Make arrangements to have your packager delivered to your workplace or to a neighbor's residence.
  • Use a package lockbox. These delivery boxes will not only hide the presence of your package but, if they are secured to your porch or are large and heavy enough, will deter thieves.
  • Install a security camera for your porch that will deter or catch the thieves in action.

The Benefits of Having an Outside Security Camera

Installing a security camera in front of your home or apartment is one of the best ways to prevent porch pirates from stealing your holiday joy. Not only will its presence ward off thieves who are casing your home or following a delivery truck, but it can also help you identify the thief so the police have a better chance of catching them and recovering your stolen goods. It will also help you prove to the seller, delivery company, or insurer that your package was stolen so you can get reimbursed.

Most security cameras are easy to install and operate. Get one that syncs to your phone so you can log in and watch at any time or be alerted when your camera detects a presence at your door.

For more information about installing a security camera system, contact a local security company.