If you've cracked or broken your cell phone screen, then you might not be sure whether to have it repaired or whether to buy a new phone. While it's always nice to get a new cell phone, a screen repair is often a better option. Why?

You Can't Afford A New Phone

If you have a smartphone, then a new phone might be more expensive than you can afford right now. If your screen has some damage on it, then you'll usually save money by just having a screen repair.

The repair restores your phone so that it looks good again. The repair technician will fix any touch or response problems you might have had because of the damage. Your phone could now last a long time again. You won't have to pay a lot for a new phone if you can't afford it.

You Don't Need A New Phone

Cell phone screen damage is often just cosmetic. Even if a crack or chip affects the way you can use the screen, you can easily fix the problem by having the screen repaired or replaced.

If your phone works fine even with a damaged screen, then ask yourself if you really need a new phone. You might be happy with your current phone. You might not really need to buy a new one or to upgrade.

If you have enough storage space, and the phone doesn't have any other problems, then replacing the screen may be a good solution for you. You restore your phone and can carry on using it until you do want to replace it.

You're Waiting On An Upgrade

If your carrier plan gives you free or discounted phone upgrades when you reach a certain point in your contract, then this might affect your timing here. If you're holding out for an upgrade in the future to get the phone you really want at a lower cost, then switching to a new phone too soon could cost you more.

You might lose your carrier discount, so any new phone will be more expensive. If you're waiting for a new model to come out, then it might not be available yet.

If you fix your screen, then you buy yourself some time. Your phone will work until you can take advantage of a discount or until your next model is released.

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